September 14-17, 2021

Tübingen, Germany


To participate to GD2021, registration is required. Due to the special situation, there are several options:

  1. Online participation. Registration is mandatory, but for free of charge.
  2. On-site participation. Due to local restrictions, we will have to restrict the total number of participants to at most 80. So, we will implement a first-come-first-serve until we reach our limit. We will give preference to participants that are completely vaccinated or recovered. 

Please register here:

For organization matters, the registration closed on the 1st of September. If you are still willing to participate to the symposium online, you can send an email to the local organizers. 

Note that since the situation is still uncertain (and may change over time), the on-site event might still be canceled due to regulations by the state, the uni or the organizers. So, please pay the registration fee only late between August 25 and September 8. You will receive information about the payment by email. Note that we can reimburse only part of the registration fee in the case of cancelation or if you cannot come by other reasons.

Finally, PhD school will also be only on-site since there are hands-on sessions at each lecture.


Uni Tuebingen